Consistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the CAB Theorem

TitleConsistent Disaster Recovery for Microservices: the CAB Theorem
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of PublicationIn Press
AuthorsGuy Pardon, Cesare Pautasso, and Olaf Zimmermann
JournalIEEE Cloud Computing
Keywordsavailability, BAC theorem, consistency, disaster recovery, Microservices

How do you backup a Microservice? You dump its database. How do you backup an entire application decomposed into microservices? In this paper we discuss the tradeoff between the availability and consistency of a microservice-based architecture, when the backup of the entire system is being performed. We demonstrate that service designers have to select two out of three qualities: Backup, Availability and/or Consistency (BAC), and discuss how to deal with consequences such as broken links, orphan state and missing state in practice.

Citation Key2018:ieeecloud:bac
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