Web Atelier

2014 (Fall Semester)

The ultimate goal of the Informatics Atelier is to teach the student to become a computing professional. To this end, the atelier gives an introduction to the role of computing and computer scientists in the professional world as well as society in general and provides an environment for the students to learn about and use specific software tools, work with other students in group projects, and effectively present the results of their projects to the class. The emphasis during the Web Atelier in the third semester is on client/server Web 1.0 and 2.0 technologies. The Web Atelier will cover the following Web technologies: REST and HTTP, CSS3, HTML5, JSON; students will also learn how to program in JavaScript on the client and on the server-side with Node.JS.


To learn the principles of the computer science profession;
To learn to use the fundamental software tools and the principles behind those tools;
To learn to use the following classes of tools: web browsers, web servers, web page editors, web development environments;
To learn to structure and present ideas, documents and processes.

Teaching mode

The atelier is "open" every afternoon, Monday through Friday, from 13:30 to 17:30. Attendance is mandatory 13:30-15:30. Usually, there will be one or two lectures per week during this period. Projects will be assigned to be worked on in the atelier. Assistants will be available to review and help the students. The last part of the semester will involve a group programming project building a Web application.


Software Atélier II and Programming Fundamentals I and II

Date Lecture Material
16.9.2014 Introduction
16.9.2014 HTML5
17.9.2014 CSS3
23.9.2014 JavaScript
29.9.2014 Object-Oriented JavaScript and HTML5 APIs
6.10.2014 HTTP
6.10.2014 Server-Side JavaScript with Node.JS
20.10.2014 REST
21.10.2014 MVC Express
28.10.2014 AJAX
28.10.2014 dust.js
Programming the World Wide Web (7th Edition) by Robert W. Sebesta, Addison-Wesley, 2013, ISBN 0132665816