Our systems-oriented research resulted in these software tools and prototypes which have been released so we can get your feedback.
RESTalk -

RESTalk is a domain-specific language for describing RESTful conversation models and patterns.

Liquid.js -

Liquid.js is a Web framework for creating component-based applications able to seamlessly flow between multiple heterogeneous devices following the

BPMeter -

Measure the size and structural complexity of your BPMN models through a simple Web application.

TigerQuoll -

TigerQuoll features an event-based API and a parallel runtime allowing JavaScript applications to exploit a mutable shared memory space.

NaturalMash -

NaturalMash is a next-generation Web 2.0 mashup tool targeting end users who can speak English.

Overseer -

Overseer is a set of tools simplifying access to real-time measurement of low-level information such as Hardware Performance Counters (HPCs), IPMI

Software Architecture Warehouse -

The Software Architecture Warehouse is a Web-based tool to capture, manage and analyze architectural knowledge.


ASQ is a Web application for creating and delivering interactive HTML5 presentations.