WebAssembly Modules as Lightweight Containers for Liquid IoT Applications

TitleWebAssembly Modules as Lightweight Containers for Liquid IoT Applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMäkitalo, N., T. Mikkonen, C. Pautasso, V. Bankowski, P. Daubaris, R. Mikkola, and O. Beletski
Conference Name21st International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2021)
Conference LocationBiarritz, France
Keywordscontainers, Internet of Things, IoT, Light-weight containers, liquid software, Web of Things, WebAssemly, WoT

Going all the way to IoT with web technologies opens up the door to isomorphic IoT system architectures, which deliver flexible deployment and live migration of code between any device in the overall system. In this vision paper, we propose using WebAssembly to implement lightweight containers and deliver the required portability. Our long-term vision is to use the technology to support developers of liquid IoT applications offering seamless, hassle-free use of multiple devices.

Citation Key2021:icwe:liquid-wasm
Refereed DesignationRefereed