Why is the Web Loosely Coupled? A Multi-Faceted Metric for Service Design

TitleWhy is the Web Loosely Coupled? A Multi-Faceted Metric for Service Design
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPautasso, C., and E. Wilde
Conference Name18th World Wide Web Conference (WWW2009)
Conference LocationMadrid, Spain
Keywordscoupling, REST, RESTful Web service interface

Loose coupling is often quoted as a desirable property of systems architectures. One of the main goals of building systems using Web technologies is to achieve loose coupling. However, given the lack of a widely accepted definition of this term, it becomes hard to use coupling as a criterion to evaluate alternative Web technology choices, as all options may exhibit, and claim to provide, some kind of "loose" coupling effects. This paper presents a systematic study of the degree of coupling found in service-oriented systems based on a multi-faceted approach. Thanks to the metric introduced in this paper, coupling is no longer a one-dimensional concept with loose coupling found somewhere in between tight coupling and no coupling. The paper shows how the metric can be applied to real-world examples in order to support and improve the design process of service-oriented systems.

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