From Choreography Diagrams to RESTful Interactions

TitleFrom Choreography Diagrams to RESTful Interactions
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNikaj, A., S. Mandal, C. Pautasso, and M. Weske
Workshop11th International Workshop on Engineering Service-Oriented Applications (WESOA'15)
Place PublishedGoa, India
KeywordsBPMN Choreography, RESTful conversation

Today, business process management is a key approach to organize work, and many companies represent their operations in business process models. Recently, choreography diagrams have been introduced to represent interactions between business processes, run by different partners. While there is considerable work on using process models during process implementation, there is little work on using choreography models to implement interactions between business processes. In this paper, a novel approach to enhance choreography diagrams by execution information is introduced. The approach is based on the REST architecture style, which is the primary way for interacting systems. Using enhanced choreography diagrams allows us to develop REST-based interactions among business partners in an efficient manner. The approach is illustrated by an example of an accommodation reservation service.

Citation Keywesoa2015
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