A Better Way to Teach Software Architecture

TitleA Better Way to Teach Software Architecture
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsKazman, R., Y. Cai, M. W. Godfrey, C. Pautasso, and A. Liu
EditorPelliccione, P., R. Kazman, I. Weber, and A. Liu
Pages101 - 110
Keywordssoftware architecture

Software architecture education is a weak spot in many undergraduate programs in computer science and software engineering. While the concepts and practices used by software architects in industry are rich and varied, transferring this expertise into a university classroom has proved problematic. Bridging the gap between industry and academia requires ongoing, often heroic, effort. This is a “chicken and egg” problem: Because there is a lack of good teaching materials, architecture is seldom taught, and because it is seldom taught, there has been little incentive to create good materials. We would like to change that. Our goal is to establish guidelines for how software architecture practices should be taught—both technical and non-technical topics—and to suggest appropriate teaching methods to best prepare students to be software architects in practice.

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