An Empirical Basis for Software Architecture Research

TitleAn Empirical Basis for Software Architecture Research
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsKazman, R., R. Tonelli, and C. Pautasso
EditorPelliccione, P., R. Kazman, I. Weber, and A. Liu
Book Title Software Architecture - Research Roadmaps from the Community
Pages87 - 100
Keywordssoftware architecture

Despite the clear need for and importance of performing empirical studies as part of software architecture research, there is still a lack of curated, standardized, clean, well-maintained, documented, easily accessible, reusable, and shared datasets. In this chapter, we provide an overview of the problems, of the motivations, and of the opportunities currently related to mining and sharing datasets for researchers in software architecture. We first explore and describe which artifacts should be included into such datasets, such as code, documentation, and requirements, but also including other architecturally relevant artifacts, such as architectural decision records, models, and other kinds of documentation. This information can be complemented with revision history logs, social metadata, and email or chat discussion archives. The availability of such datasets would enable not only architectural reconstruction studies but would also help to catalyze broader and more ambitious program of empirical studies in software architecture research.

Citation Keysa:2023:empirical