Live Mashup Tools: Challenges and Opportunities

TitleLive Mashup Tools: Challenges and Opportunities
Publication TypeWorkshop Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsAghaee, S., and C. Pautasso
WorkshopProc. of the First ICSE International Workshop on Live Programming (LIVE 2013)
Place PublishedSan Francisco, CA, USA
Keywordslive programming, NaturalMash, Web mashups

Live programming is a programming style in which the repetitive task of compiling and running the software being programmed is managed automatically. This style can be a helpful practice in End-User Development (EUD) where the non-professional end-users are to be supported through techniques and tools that empower them to create or modify software artifacts. Mashups — a form of lightweight Web applications composing reusable content and functionalities available on the Web — are a popular target for EUD activities on the Web. EUD for mashups is enabled by intuitive composition environments, called mashup tools. In this paper, we introduce live mashup tools, a new class of mashup tools based on the live programming style. We give a comprehensive definition and classification of live mashup tools, giving examples of how well existing tools fit in this category and discuss open research challenges and opportunities.

Citation Keyaghaee2013live