ELeCTRA: induced usage limitations calculation in RESTful APIs

TitleELeCTRA: induced usage limitations calculation in RESTful APIs
Publication TypeDemonstration
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGamez-Diaz, A., P. Fernandez, C. Pautasso, A. Ivanchikj, and A. Ruiz-Cortes
Conference Name16th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2018)
Place PublishedHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
KeywordsAPI, demo, REST

As software architecture design is evolving to microservice paradigms, RESTful APIs become the building blocks of applications. In such a scenario, a growing market of APIs is proliferating and developers face the challenges to take advantage of this reality. For an example, third-party APIs typically define different usage limitations depending on the purchased Service Level Agreement (SLA) and, consequently, do- ing a manual limitation analysis of external APIs and their impact in a microservice architecture is a complex and tedious task. In this demonstration paper, we present ELeCTRA, a tool to automate the analysis of induced limitations in an API, derived from its usage of external APIs with limitations. Specifically, this tools takes the structural, conversational and SLA specifications of the API, generates a visual dependency graph and translates the problem into a constraint satisfaction optimization problem (CSOP) to obtain the optimal usage limitations.

Citation Key2018:icsoc:demo:electra
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